Tourism club of MES College Erumely was formed with an objective of creating awareness among the students about tourism activities. It also aims at incorporating students’ potential in the development of tourism. The Tourism club was established in 2019 and it is supported by the District Tourism Promotion Council,Government of Kerala. Every year as part of the World Tourism Day celebrations the club conducts various competitions like Essay writing, Logo designing, Painting, Poster designing and Debates. Apart from competitions the club organizes orientation programs, field visit, seminar sessions by eminent persons from Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Tourism club helps to cultivate an understanding about various fields of tourism promotion and development


  • To generate public attention towards tourism promotion and development
  • To familiarise the students about the socio economic, cultural and environmental relevance of
  • To encourage the tourist culture among students and help them to identify potential and
    unexplored tourist locations.
  • To encourage green sensitive tourist approach through responsible tourism


Mrs. Shabeena Beegom K H

Assistant Professor

Department Of Computer Science

Mrs. Rejoola O M

Assistant Professor

Dept of Computer Science

Kevin K R

Student Coordinator