MES College Erumely has organized an ‘Adventure Camp’ in 2018 with the aim of building an awareness and interest on adventurous sports items amongst the students. For the development of the youth into good citizens, the youth must be exposed to, besides the Academic education, other activities particularly sporting activities including Adventure Sports. Adventure Sports today have gained worldwide recognition as an activity, which contributes most significantly to the harmonious development of young people. These Sports are not only a source of ‘thrill and joy’ to participants, but also provide a valuable opportunity for developing such traits so as to prepare them for facing challenges against all odds, confidently and efficiently. The objective of the Scheme is to create and foster amongst the students a spirit of risk-taking, cooperative team work, the capacity to face and effectively deal with challenging situations with courage and determination.


Mr. Sabjan Yoosef

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Mr. Santhosh K.K

Assistant Professor

Dept. Of Commerce

Mr. Muhammed Althaf

Student Coordinator

V Sem B.Com Computer Application