Women’s Forum of MES College Erumely formed in 2000. The Women’s Forum functions to create a gender inclusive culture in the college. We foster the talents of girl students and empower them through education. Women can excel in any field, and all they need is equal rights and freedom. The mission of the forum is to purely safeguard the rights of students, faculties and staff members especially women as a vulnerable section of our society. The scheme is responsible for looking into any complaints or needs raised by students and staff about gender issues at college. We are obliged to make the female students aware of the power and strength inherent and hidden in them, so that they could be moulded to achieve milestones of success in their life. The forum builds a foundation to empower young women to attain emotional, physical and mental freedom to encounter the difficult situations in their lives. Our focus is on empowering each other with unity.We foster girl’s capabilities in all domains, promote girl’s leadership and always try to ensure that their full potential is realized and utilized.


  • To create a gender sensitive campus
  • To promote gender equality in the institution
  • To advocate for women’s rights
  • To encourage skill development programme for women in our college and
    outside communities
  • To create a safe space for various gender identities


Mrs. Sumin Ans Joseph
Assistant Professor
Department Of Commerce (C.A)

Mrs. Anitha Mathew
Assistant Professor
Dept Of Computer Science

Ms. Akhila Sabu

Student Coordinator

Ms. Anaha T.S

Student Coordinator

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