Prof. (Dr.) Anil Kumar S


Dear all,
In such troubled times, it becomes the greatest duty of the educators to mold and create the generation of the future, who is socially and morally responsible. We at MES College, Erumely, are committed to create such students through our insistence on academic and co-curricular development of our students. Education has always been a force instrumental in changing the face of the world and we do believe that change can actually be brought in through our actions. The various clubs and departmental activities that we have in our college actually have become quite instrumental in achieving that change. It is my pleasure to inform you all that we have a very vibrant and a strong teaching community which is always trying to develop our students. They never miss a beat in their efforts for the development of the student’s mind and body. Our college is well renowned for not limiting ourselves to our campus. Rather our programs that we have organized in collaboration with the local bodies that reflect our commitment to work for the greater society. It gives me great pleasure to wish the very best to our students and to our teachers who I hope will come together as one to take our college towards greater heights.