Alumni Association

M.E.S College Erumely Alumni Association is a forum instituted with the intention of creating a gathering of teachers, including retired teachers, and former students.  It aims at establishing and maintaining close contact and friendship with all those who leave this college after their studies. It also aims at fostering mutual contacts and fellowship among the members of the association. The former students of the college are kept in contact and they are informed of and invited for the various programs and activities of the college. They are also seen as a part of each and every achievements of the college. Our objective is to promote the developmental activities and the academic excellence by instituting scholarships, prizes etc.

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote academic Excellency by instituting scholarships, prizes etc.

  • To organize continuing education programme by conducting seminars, lectures, workshops, etc.

  • To organize cultural and educational programmes.

  • To promote the developmental activities in the College.

  • To keep the former students and staff of this college in constant touch with the Alma Mater.

  • To foster mutual contacts and fellowship among the members of the association.

  • To help the college to attain the objectives of higher education preparing the youth to become intellectually mature, socially committed, spiritually inspired and morally upright.

  • To provide educational assistance to financially backward students.

  • To help the authority for all-round progress and development of the College.