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Alumni Association-Reminiscence

Reminiscence, the Alumni Association of MES College Erumely is an association for former teachers and students of the college. The association has been functioning from 2004 .The college has a registered alumni (KTM/TC/207/2021) with a vision to uplift the institutional community through maintaining a link between college and Alumni. The college facilitates in creating impactful engagement from the alumni through various activities and programmes. The association started a UAE Chapter in 2006. The alumni have a global network with tremendous contributions. The association conducts an annual gathering on December 26.


  • To foster the relationship between the alumnus and the institution
  • To create opportunities for the former students to engage in various activities aiming at the progress and welfare of the institution.
  • To provide socio economic support for the students from marginalized sections of the society to reach their career goals.

Reminiscence Alumini Association

President:           George Bijo Joseph
Vice President:  Raheena M R
Secretary:           Avinash P M
Joint Secretary:Vishnu Gopal
Treasurer :         Shabeena Beegom K H
Members :
1. Shahana Basheer
2. Anna Joseph
3. Anjala Ayoob
4. Sulthana T Sulaiman
5. K A Tariq Azees

Mrs. Shabeena Beegom K.H
Assistant Professor
Dept.of Computer Science
Staff Coordinator

Mrs. Kavitha P D
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Commerce Branch Marketing
Staff Coordinator

Mr.Tharik Assis
B.Com Marketing
Students Coordinator

Alumni Registration Certificate

Registered Alumni Report

Annual Reports

General Body Meet Report