Minority cell in MES College Erumely functions with the aim of protecting the minority communities in the institution. The cell strives to provide facilities for the empowerment of various minority groups in terms of religious and linguistic identities. The cell encourages students to connect with various policies and financial support provided by governmental and nongovernmental agencies. Also facilitates in conducting events and programmes for promoting minority communities in the institution.


  • To implement policies and schemes proposed by the State Government, Central
    Government and UGC for the welfare of students from minority communities.
  • To provide equal opportunities for the academic development of the minorities.
  • To take necessary actions regarding the complaints raised by students belonging to minority communities.
  • To guide the students to enrol in career oriented programmes that will empower their professional skills.


Mrs. Suhana E

Assistant Professor

Dept.Of Computer Science

Ms. Britty Ann Joseph

Student Coordinator