The college provides transportation facilities for the students and teachers on all working days. 4 college buses take service from different places like Mundakayam, Ranni, Pathanad and Kanjirappally. The bus charges are very affordable and students from distant places can easily afford this transportation service. This service helps the students to arrive at and depart from the college on time. 

Bus Details

Bus No: 1 – Kanjirappally – Ponkunnam

Bus No: 2 – Mundakkayam – Koottikkal – Yendayar

Bus No: 3 – Plachery – Ranni

Bus No: 4 – Alapra – Chunkapara- Kottangal- Vaipur

Bus No: 5 – Vechoochira – Athikayam- Vadasserikkara-Chitta

Bus No: 6 – Erumely – College Campus

Bus No: 7 – Manimala – Pathanad – Karukachal