The Department of English is the prominent department started in the year 2020 with the motive to provide first grade education in the field of literature. Until 2020 we worked as an allied department and we had been providing common courses of English for all the streams in this institution . Now the department provides a full time Masters Degree in English literature for four semesters in addition to the common courses for U G. The programme is offered under the credit semester system and grading of MG University Kottayam. Teaching of literature aims to open up the window of the world toward the students and create an ability to identify, analyze , interpret and describe critical ideas, values and themes that appear in literary and cultural texts. The programme aims to mould a human being with creative mind and aesthetic thoughts.
The department aims to encourage the students to acquire communicative competence so that they make quality use of language as a means of creating a conducive human environment imbued with vibrant interpersonal bonding ,common understanding leading to global harmony. Also the department envisioned to become a centre for academic excellence, to mould creative and critical thinkers. Department provides training in communication skills in English ,and helps the students in the practical use of the language. The department aims to enable the students to develop a holistic understanding in the world of literature. Also introduce the tools of research to broaden their critical sensibilities and equip them for further research and career opportunities.



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  • To train students in communication skills in English.
  • To introduce students to the tool of literary scholarship
  • To enable the students to develop a holistic understanding of literature in English
  • To introduce to the tools of research and broaden their critical sensibilities
  • To equip them for further research and career opportunities.