MES Counseling Center provides a wide range of services for personal, career and educational concerns. Students facing personal, emotional or academic problems may find it helpful to talk to the counselor at the center. This can be a way of taking responsibility for oneself and of initiating a positive action. Although there may not be immediate or practical solutions to difficulties, talking to them can often clarify one’s thoughts and feelings and may help the individual to see a way forward. The Counseling center has the service of professionally trained and widely experienced counselors. Strict confidentiality is ensured, and the service is available both on an individual and group basis. The counseling sessions are available on all working days of the week and will be available for emergency appointments for the students and staff members of the institution.
MES College Erumely Counseling Center was started in the academic year 2018-19 with the vision addressing the needs and problems of MES community at their intra personal, interpersonal and social levels in attaining mental health.
Hours Of Service
Every Monday 9.30am.-3.30am.
Appointment should be taken in advance by contacting the Coordinators of the Counseling Center.
Coordinator – Dept. of Social Work