The girls’ hostel in our college provides accommodation for around 100 students. The hostel in our college also provides accommodation for students from the Hindustan College of Pharmacy. The girls’ hostel is located in a peaceful location within the premises of the college campus. With its large and beautiful building, well-maintained lovely gardens, and a premise covered with green trees and bushes, the hostel provides a place excellent for studies and co-curricular activities. Our college hostel offers a clean and tidy environment for the students to study. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided to the residents with the utmost care and competency with varieties of food coupled with quality and hygiene. Grievances on any of the services offered without any interruption for the hostel inmates. The staff is well disciplined, caring, and cooperative with inmates in the hostel and is always ready to assist with their immediate requirements. The hostel highly recommended security for the inmates.

Staff in Charge

Mrs. Simi