The Anti narcotic cell of MES college Erumely acts to prevent the use of illicit drugs, their use and distribution among students. The club was started in the year. The main goal of anti narcotic cell is to enhance the students’ awareness and understanding of the harmful social and health effects of illicit drug use. The goal of the cell is to create a healthier community through coordinated efforts to prevent use, production and the distribution of illicit drugs. The Anti Narcotic Cell organises seminars, poster campaigns and rallies in order to spread awareness against the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.We keep close contact with the excise and police departments and arrange programs to make the students aware of the strong legal force working against narcotics and inculcate respect towards parents, teachers and the Indian judiciary.


Mrs. Ameena Meeran

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Commerce

Branch- Finance and Taxation

Mr. Aromal Sudheesh

Student Coordinator


Ms. Anitta Thomas

Student Coordinator

III Sem B.Com Taxation


  • To enable socially committed student community to work against the use of drugs
    and drug abuse
  • To ensure drug free campus
  • To organise community-based prevention programs and classes that aim to
    educate children and families about the ill effects of drug usage.

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