The Internal Quality Assurance Cell, MES College Erumely aims to work for quality management and sustenance in order to maintain the well-coordinated functions of academic, co-curricular and administrative wings.


  • Developing a system to ensure the principle of quality culture in the institution.
  • Promoting innovative and best practices that contribute to the overall quality assurance of the institution.
  • Uploading the quality policy and ensuring it through various means.


  • Decentralized planning
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of various activities.
  • Collaboration with updated knowledge
  • Mental health support for quality improvement.
  • The cordial relationship between various stakeholders

Quality Policy

The quality policy is envisioned to enrich the vision and mission of the institution and coordinate among various stakeholders for systematically maintaining the quality. The intention of the institution is to empower the students with quality education through creating learning opportunities as well as maintaining an overall quality and standard. The quality policy of MES Erumely is to promote good governance and practices. The college strives to provide an excellent curricular and cocurricular environment and adopt innovative methods with technological support for inculcating values and commitment..

Learning Experience

  • The quality of the learning experience is ensured through continuous monitoring of academic activities.
  • The curriculum of the University is followed through various innovative and engaging curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • MES Erumely is focused on outcome-based education as an instrumental
    component to gain quality in the learning experience.


Our institution is committed to have an intense contribution in research, which is an important component of academic scenarios. The quality of research activities are actively encouraged, monitored and ensured support.

Institutional Values

Various stakeholders involved within the institution are encouraged to have a committed, ethical, selfless value system which is considered as a central principle of quality culture in all the activities on campus.


The Participatory Management System is our key component to ensure the quality of the institution. Various stakeholders in our college collaborate to achieve quality. One of the key features of our institution is a decentralized administrative pattern of governance