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Approved by Govt of Kerala and Affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University.



       1.   Books are for use

       2.   Every Reader his/her book

       3.   Every book its reader

       4.   Save the time of the Staff /User

       5.   Library is a Growing Mechanism

The Mission of MES College Library:  constantly keep our Members in touch with latest Information of their area.

Aim:   The Right Document to the Right User at the Right Time at Least cost.

Philosophy of MES College Library Rules:

Enable our students and Staff to get maximum out of our Library Resources.

Prevent misuse and malfunctioning of our rich Library.

These Rules  assumes  that the users of this College Library has honesty in their mind and behavior, therefore they are in need of a good Library Rules to behave themselves usefully and attractively within the premises of Library.

 Resources and Services provided:

1.    Circulations Section             -      Charging & Discharging  of  Books.

2.    Acquisition section               -      Acquire useful books and avoid duplication.

3.    Reference & Referral          -       Value worth rare high cost  Section    collection.

4.    Periodical section               -        News Papers, Journals, Reports,Bulletins,  & other publications.

5.    Maintenance Section           -      Regular maintenance of all sections for proper running.

6.    Technical Section                 -      Classification, Cataloging and Processing to ease retrieval.

7.    Book Stacks section             -      Large collection of various  subjects and Literatures.

8.    Reading  Section                  -      Comfortable seats and wide  area suitable for long reading.

9.    Digital Library Section         -      OPAC, diverse DB’s and Internet browsing.(e-granthalaya)

10.  Reprographic Section          -      Facsimile Reproduction, CD Writing and e-mail.


Hours of Opening:     This Library shall be kept open all days from 9 A.M. to 04.00 P.M without break except Saturdays, Sundays Regional/ State/National Holidays and other days decided by the Principal. The Circulation Section shall be closed half an hour before the closing of Library for internal works.

Membership:   Firstly, Students/staff submit-the filled-in enrollment form with 2 Passport Size Photograph recommended by the Class Tutor (for students), H.O.D (for teachers) and Principal (for H.O.D’s and others) - before the College Librarian. Secondly, Three Days after submitting the form, Membership Card and Readers Ticket (as per the norms) can be collected from the College Librarian. Members who have Membership Card and Readers Ticket shall be allowed to use Library Resources and Borrow Books. In case College Identity Card can be used as Library Membership Card.

Readers Tickets: The Members are entitled to take Books on loan a scale given below.

1. Graduate Students - 2  Books at a time - detained  14   days.

2. P.G Students        - 5  Books at a time    -       detained     14   days.

3. Faculties           - 10  Books at a time -      1 semester.

4. Administrative Staff - 2    Books at a time  -       30 days.

One chance for renewal of Books once borrowed shall be allowed for all groups except faculties.

Conditions of Admission:

1. The person should be a Member (Non-members are allowed to visit if the College Librarian sanctioned with the consent of Principal for Temporary Membership after remitting the prescribed fee.)

2. He /She should hold Library Membership/College Identity Card.

3. Strict silence should be observed within the Library premises.

4. Use of Mobile Phones is strictly prohibited.

5. Spitting and Smoking are prohibited.

6. Every member should enter his/her details in the Gate Register.

7. No printed material shall admit into the Book Shelving Area.

8. No personal belongings shall allow to bringing into Library; Members should keep their Bag, Umbrella such other things at the Property Counter/outside the Library premises.

9. No Member shall damage, disfigure, misplace Library properties and misuse Library services. This shall be charged.

10. Misconduct of the Member shall be reported. The decision of the Principal shall be final.

Loss of Membership Card/ Readers Ticket: 

Those Member who losses Membership Card/ Readers Ticket shall make a written request in the given form had from the College Office and report to the College Librarian immeadiately. Such reporting at the time of issue of “No Dues Clearance” will not be accepted. After making technical search for the lost one, applicant directed to remit the prescribed fee and again submit the same request form with signature of Tutor and HOD to the College Librarian.  Membership Card/ Readers Ticket shall be issued to the applicant two days after receiving the request. 

Conditions of Book Lending: 

1. Reference Books, Rare Books, Periodical Publications are not ordinarily issued on loan. Anyhow as per the discretion of the Principal, College Librarian has the right to lend any Document of the Library.

2. Books once issued shall not be allowed to return on the same day. But with the permission of H.O.D the students and of Principal other Members are allowed to do so.

3. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical conditions of the Book before borrowing. Any defects found which shall be brought to the attention of the College Librarian. Otherwise they shall be held responsible for any damages noticed at the time of returning.  Writing with pen/pencil missing of pages mutilation and slitting of papers, Name Slip and Stickers are considered as damage of books. This shall be charged as per the discretion of College Librarian.

4. All Books on loan shall be returned on or before the date last stamped on the Date Plate. An Overdue charge of ‘One Rupee’ per day per Book shall be charged.  Members who repeatedly failed to return Books within due date will lose the privileges of Membership.

5. College Librarian has the discretion to recall any Book on lent at any time.

6. Only one Book is issued against one Ticket.

7. Rare Books with extra demand issued only for a shorter period.

8. Books on loan can be reserved for borrowing by other Members by filling the Reservation Slip.

9. Membership Card/Readers Ticket/Books lent are not transferable. If found misused that shall be reported.

10. Members shall be responsible for the misuse of their Membership Card/ Readers Ticket/Books borrowed.

Loss of Library Books by Member:

Those Member who losses books taken by them should submit a same new book in the same day of return. Delay of submitting the new book and negligence shall be extra charged as per the decision of  Principal.

General Instructions:

1. Users are directed to search the Catalogue/OPAC before going to the Shelves to avoid time wastage and shelves disorder.

2. As per the Library Catalogue the required book/s is/are available, and then seeks the help of Library Assistant / Asst. Librarian / College Librarian to borrow the same.

3. A Member who infringes these rules shall be liable to forfeit his/her privilege of admission to and borrowing of books from the Library.

4. Decision of Principal is final in all disputes. 

Fee structure:

Membership Fee    – 100/- (include Membership Card and Reader’s Tickets)

Application Forms - 10/-  (Membership/Lost Report/book lost)

Duplicate Membership Card/Reader’s Ticket-250/- each (In case of loss)