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Approved by Govt of Kerala and Affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University.

The College offers  the following courses
1. B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) 60 Seats
2. B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Application) 60 Seats
3. B.Sc. Electronics & Computer Hardware 60 Seats
4. B.Com. (with Computer Application) 2batches 100 Seats
5. B.Com Finance & Taxation 60 Seats
6. B.Com Marketing 40 Seats
7. M.Com (Finance) 30 Seats
8. M.Com (Marketing) 15 Seats
9. M.Sc (Computer Science) 30 Seats
10. M.Sc (Electronics) 30 Seats
11. M.S.W. (Master of Social Work) 25 Seats
Specializations in Social Work
i)   Medical & Psychiatry
ii)   Rural & Urban Community Development
ii)   Family & Child  Welfare
1. Perfect discipline and decorum should be maintained in the class rooms, college campus and outside.
2. Uniform is compulsory on all regular working days except Wednesday
3. Students shall not disfigure the walls, windows or furniture bywriting on them or drawing picture or sticking bills.
4. Students should obtain identity cards from the college and should keep the same with them and produce on demand by the college authorities.
5. Student shall greet their teachers on the occasion of their first meeting within the college.
6. Students shall rise from their seat when a teacher enters the class room and shall take seat only, after he/she has taken his/her seat or beckons them to sit.
7. No student shall enter or leave the class without permission of the teacher who engages the class.
8. Student shall not smoke or chew pan in the premises of the college or in the hostel.
9. Students are prohibited from participating in any meeting directed against the constituted authority or any political agitation against the authority of the Government.
10. No notice or petition of any kinds shall be circulated among the students or pasted on the notice board or any where within the college premises. Student are not allowed to organize or attend meeting the college or collect money for any purpose with out the written permission of the principal.
11. Students who go over to other college or institutions to take part in acts of in discipline such as demonstration or strikes will be punished.
12. The principal shall have the power to inflict the following punishments;  fine, cancellation of attendance, or conduct certificates are matters absolutely within the discretion of the principal.
13. Promotion to higher class, selection for University examinations and issue of progress, attendance or conduct certificate are matters absolutely within the discretion of the principal. 
14. The principal shall have the right to issue transfer certificate to a student admitted to the college without and application from the student or the guardian at any time in the course of study in the college without assigning any specific  reason if he considers that his/her presence is not desirable in the college.
15. No collective representation from students will be entertained.
16. Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual in attention to class work, obscenity or temporary dismissal of a student.
17. Students should take not of the notification put on the notice boards every day before they leave the college.  Failure to look at the notice board will not be an excuse for any omission or commission

Government have made it clear that ragging in any form should be sternly and effectively prevented whenever a criminal offence is committed in the name of ragging, whether with in the campus of an educational institution or in a hostel or otherwise, the Principal/warden will report the matter forth with to the nearest police station and not wait until a complaint in this regard is received from the person affected Appropriate disciplinary action will also be taken against the culprits.

1. No student shall be absent from the class with out leave. The reason for leave shall be clearly stated.
2. Applications for leave shall be submitted, countersigned by guardian/ Dy. Warden with the recommendation of the group tutor before availing leave.  Late application will not ordinarily be considered.
3. Student coming to the class late or leaving the class early shall lose half day’s attendance.
4. When the absence is due to illness the application for leave should be supported by a Medical Certificate.

5. Medical Certificate should be submitted on attending classes immediately after illness. Medical Certificates submitted at the end of the year for earlier days of illness will not be entertained.
6. The annual certificate of attendance and progress required for admission to the University Examination will not be granted unless the principal is satisfied that the student’s conduct, progress and attendance have been satisfactory.
7. In the case of inmates of the Hostel all application for leave shall be countersigned by the Dy. Warden.
8. A student who is absent without leave for five consecutive working days stand the risk of having his/her name struck off the rolls.
9. The minimum attendance of the 80% of the total working days of the semester required for the annual certificate is absolutely necessary for promotion and for admission to the University Examination.
10. Student whose attendance falls below the minimum shall apply for condonation.  The application in the prescribed form shall be accompanied by a chelan of Rs. 1,000/- the reason for each day’s absence should be explained.  On account of illness a Medical Certificate also has to be submitted.  In no case will exemption be granted by the University, if the shortage of attendance exceeds 10 days.

Marking of attendance
If a student is absent for one hour in the forenoon, he/she will be treated as absent for half day and if the absence is another hour in the Afternoon session he/she will be treated as absent for one full day.

1. Application for certificates should be made at least two days in advance
2. Conduct certificate will ordinarily be issued only along with the transfer certificate, when the student has completed his/her course.
3. No Certificate will be issued from the college unless, Principal is satisfied with the reason stated by the applicant for such certificate.
4. Transfer certificate is issued when a student leaves the institution. The transfer certificate will be issued in the case of those who leave one week after the publication of the result.  A late fee of Rs. 50/- will be levied for all late applications received after one year.  If original transfer certificate is lost, a duplicate will be issued through proper channel.
5. A student applying for the return of S.S.L.C. book or any other certificate from the college office must have cleared all the dues to the college and must enclose sufficient stamp to cover the postage by registered post.  Any student who leaves college before completing the course without the written permission of the principal will receive no certificate of good conduct. Any student who discontinues study in the college without returning to the college any library book received or without paying any arrears or dues will not receive any certificate

1. In addition to the general two terminal examinations will be conducted.Serious notice will be taken of absence without leave in such tests.
2. A PTA meeting will be conducted after the terminal examinations giving details or progress in studies of each students and the attendance gained by the student together with the remarks of the group tutor and principal.
3. Retest will be conducted for the absentees in genuine cases.


1. The new system is applicable to all UG Programmes.
2. Duration
The duration of U.G programmes shall be 6 semesters, odd semesters from June to November and even semesters from December to March. The duration of each semesters shall be academic weeks (An academic week consists of 5 working days from 1st day to Vth day).
A student may be permitted to complete the programme, on valid reasons, within a period of 12 continuous semesters from the date of commencement of the first semester of the programme. The strength of students for  each course shall remain as per existing regulations, except in case of open course for which there shall be minimum of 40 and maximum 70 students per batch, subject to a marginal increase of 10. Open course is offered in 5th semester.
3. Programme Contents
The U.G programme contents are common courses, core courses, complementary courses, vocational courses, open courses and choice based courses. I addition, the students can take extra courses and extra curricular activities according to the availability of time and facilities.
4. The college co-ordinator, who is nominated by the college council shall perform the following:
The co-ordinator shall make arrangement to give proper awareness of the programme, especially internal/continuous evaluation scheme to the students admitted.
The co-ordinator shall propose the college council, the measures are to be taken in the continuous evaluation.